• Angela DiBetta

Pumpkin Pie Chalkboard

I'll admit I was pretty intimidated to give the Pumpkin Pie transfer a go! It's a very large transfer and I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner. It's done on our 18.5" x 24.5" Greyson Style White Frame chalkboard.

One of the things I love about chalking is that it doesn't have to all be done at once. You can break it down into sections and work on it a little at a time.

I started with the Pumpkin Pie text at the top. I used Orange Peel and Pumpkin Pie Chalkology Chalk Paste and did sort of an ombre effect. I don't remember what was going on that day but that's as far as I got. Maybe I got distracted with something going on at home or maybe I just wasn't sure where I was headed next lol.

My next step was to place the transfers for the rest of the design. I'd decided I didn't want to do the whole thing all one color. I wanted to use white for most of the ingredients and use the Pumpkin Spice color for the arrows and dotted lines that divided out the different steps and ingredients to the recipe.

I discovered that blue painters tape is my friend! I used it to cover up areas that I wanted white that were too close for comfort. That way I didn't accidentally get the Pumpkin Spice color in where the white was going to go. Since the chalk dries quickly, I worked in small sections and just did a little at a time.

I washed my transfers as I finished each section and laid them out to dry so they would be ready when I started in on the next color.

After the Pumpkin Pie color was all done and dry I repositioned my transfers back on my board. It's easy to realign since the part that has already been chalked shows through the screen.

I grabbed my handy dandy painters tape again and covered any of the pumpkin pie colored sections with the painters tape if they were too close to where I was going to now chalk the white. Then I got busy chalking the white sections.

I chalked the bowl in the color Brick and the whisk in Elephant Gray just so there would be a little bit more color than just orange and white in the overall design.

One of the great things about Chalk Couture transfers is that you can get creative and use "parts and pieces" from other transfer sets. I really like the pumpkins from the "Fresh Pumpkins" set so I used that transfer instead of the pumpkin that comes in the Pumpkin Pie transfer. In this picture, you can see I started the pumpkins but didn't finish them.

Honestly, I probably worked on it for a couple hours. I was starting to get sloppy and make mistakes so I thought it best to get some sleep and work on it some more in the morning. For example... Did you notice the "X" in MIX is missing? I smudged it when removing the transfer so I wiped it off to fix in the morning. There's also a small section at the bottom under the word "Bake" that I had to remove and re-do as well.

I was undecided on the middle. Should it be white or pumpkin pie colored? I didn't want too much white, but I didn't want a line of orange running down the middle. I couldn't decide... so I took a pic, posted it in on my FB page and asked for advice and went to bed.

The next morning... ok, let's be honest, it was probably afternoon... I was up pretty late! I'm such a night owl and NOT a morning person! So... the next afternoon I checked Facebook to see if I had any feedback. I should have done it as a separate post but it had posted in the comments of a previous post so I didn't get much response. I asked the family and the consensus was "do it white". I fixed the mistakes from the night before, chalked the middle and finished up the pumpkins.

I absolutely LOVE how this chalkboard turned out! The beauty of the chalkboards is when the season is over you just spray some water on it to moisten up the chalk paste & wipe away with paper towels or a clean cloth and you've got a blank slate for a new masterpiece. I'm not sure I'll have the heart to erase this one. 😂

If you're interested in creating your own masterpiece with Chalk Couture products you can shop online for transfers, pastes and chalk surfaces at: https://angeladibetta.chalkcouture.com/

Feel free to reach with any questions you may have.

Have a great day & happy chalking!



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