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How to make a Magnetic Chalkboard or Sign with Interchangeable Silk Flowers

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I have been so excited to make a project with the Chalk Couture Watering Can transfer. I knew as soon as it came out that it would be one of my FAVORITES and I knew it wold be a perfect fit for on magnetic chalkboard or sign with silk flowers. Using silk flowers allows me to change out my flowers as the seasons change.

It was a super easy project and I LOVE how it turned out!


- Magnetic Chalkboard or Metal/Magnetic Picture frame

- Minwax Finishing Wax

- Home Grown Collection - Watering Can transfer

- Black Chalkology Paste

- Squeegee

- Hot glue gun

- Silk Flowers

- Magnets

- Acrylic Sealer (Optional)

- Scissors

- Fuzzing Cloth or a Towel

I found my magnetic board at a local craft store. It was already framed and had the tin inside. The one I used is 23.5 inches square. I wouldn't recommend going any smaller. You could use a rectangle and go taller and add some text like "Welcome" above or below the watering can if you can't find a square. I usually use our Chalk Couture Chalkboards but had this one in my "stash" and the tin seemed perfect for the watering can.


1. Prep the surface: I used an old rag and applied a thin coat of the Minwax finishing past to the tin surface. I covered the whole surface. Using the wax paste makes it easier to remove the transfer when chalking and gives the chalk something to stick to, the tin is pretty smooth so the wax helps the chalk to adhere to the tin. I set it aside for about half an hour and then came back and gave it a light rub down with a soft cloth.

2. "Fuzz" the transfer: My watering can transfer was brand new. I cut the pieces apart with scissors. You almost always want to "fuzz" a new transfers. Fuzzing makes it's easier to remove the transfer from your chalking surface when you're done chalking. You don't want to stretch your transfer removing it from the surface. You probably want to be able to use it again for another project. To "fuzz", carefully remove the transfer from the carrier sheet and place it on your Fuzzing Cloth or a CLEAN towel. Just stick it on the cloth, rub it down and remove it. This will help to "gentle" the adhesive so the transfer will remove easier. Don't worry, you'll still be able to get many uses from your transfer.

3. Chalk the watering can: Dip your squeege into the chalk paste and scoop up a little. Spread it over the transfer making sure you cover the whole image. Be generous and leave the paste heavy until you've got the whole image covered. This will prevent it from drying too quickly. You can use the large 4" squeege if you have it. You'll love it for large transfers like this one. After you've got the whole image covered, use the squeege to remove any excess chalk and scoop it back into the container. While the chalk is still WET, remove the transfer. Pull from top to bottom or side to side. Don't pull on diagonal as it can stretch and distort your transfer.

4. Prep your flowers: While your chalk is drying use the glue gun to glue magnets on the back of your silk flowers. If they have a "stem" you may want to cut the stem off and glue the magnet to the back of the flower. I even found a butterfly and glued a magnet on the back it it for a little extra pop of color.

5. Seal the chalk (optional): Your chalk should be good and dry by now. In fact, if you don't plan to ever "erase" your watering can from your board, go ahead and seal it with an acrylic sealer if you like. You can use a matte or glossy sealer. Since I did mine on a tin surface I think I'll seal it with a matte finish sealer. This step is optional but it will help protect your chalked design. If you intend to hang the finished project outside where it could get wet you will definitely want to seal it. I'd recommend hanging it indoors. If you choose to seal it, allow time for the sealer to dry before proceeding. Read the label on the sealer for the manufactures instructions and dry time.

6. Arrange the flowers: After the sealer is good and dry, play around with the flowers until you have them where you like them. NOTE: Only 1 of the skinny flowers on the tin in the picture below has a magnet on the back. There wasn't a lot of room to glue magnets on and I didn't want to use a ton of magnets so I'll use the larger flowers which do have magnets on them to hold these in place. Just play around with it.

7. Hang and enjoy: The beauty of this project is that as the seasons change, you can pick up seasonal flowers at the craft store, glue on magnets and change out your sign as the seasons and holidays change! You can leave it up all year. No more storing holiday decor 10 months out of the year!

Flash forward several months...

I swapped out the flowers for fall today.

When I finished with the video I leaned the board against the wall. It was hard to see it when I had it flat on the table. I just wasn't feeling it! It need "something". So, I used the hot glue to glue on some of the leaves that were still on the floral pick.

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