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DIY Halloween Chalkboard - Flying Lessons

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Today we'll be making a FUN DIY Halloween Chalkboard. We'll be using one of our 9x12 Boutique Chalkboards called "Sylvie". One of my favorite things about Chalk Couture is that you can change out your artwork as the holidays and season change. The chalk paste goes on wet (like a paint) it dries (like a paint) so it doesn't smudge and smear (like regular chalk would)... BUT, it's water based so you can erase it with water and create a new project for the next holiday or season AND you don't have to store a bunch of holiday decorations!

Let's get started. Here's a list of supplies needed it you'd like to make todays project:

9x12 Sylvie Chalkboard

Flying Lessons Transfer

Mini Squeegees

Multi Tool

Chalk Paste - Orange Peel

Chalk Paste - Bumblebee

Chalk Paste - Bright White

Chalk Paste - Regal

Fuzzing Cloth

I was afraid this project would have taken a long time if I'd have done it live so I did a time laps video. It actually only took about 30 minutes to make. It's probably good that I did it as a time laps. Doing a "Live" video where I have to chalk, talk and read comments can be like patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time! 🤣

Here's the step by step:

  1. Remove the transfer from the carrier sheet and fuzz with the fuzzing cloth

  2. Place the transfer on the chalkboard. Rub with your fingers to make sure there aren't any air bubbles under your transfer. If you feel a bubble, lift the transfer from the edge to where the bubble is and lay it back down, smoothing with your fingers.

  3. For this project I worked in "sections". When I finished a "section" I lifted the transfer. You want to lift the transfer while the chalk is still "wet". Use a hair dryer (on cool) or a heat tool to quickly dry the area you just chalked and then lay the transfer back down. DO NOT HEAT YOUR TRANSFER WITH THE HEAT TOOL. YOU WILL MELT IT AND IT WILL BE RUINED! Be sure to point the hair dryer/heat tool at the chalkboard NOT the transfer!

  4. After working a "section", be sure to smooth out any air bubbles under the transfer before working the next section. I worked from the outside to the middle.

  5. For the "purple", I used a color called Grape Soda. It's been retired and replaced with "Regal". Regal is a BEAUTIFUL color but it's darker than what I used so it won't be as "bright" on the chalkboard as the Grape Soda. To brighten up the Regal, put a scoop of Regal on a small plate and add a little white paste to it and stir to blend the colors. Add the white slowly until you reach your desired shade of purple.

  6. Just keep working in small sections until everything is finished. I tried to work with one color at a time until I got to the middle.

  7. For the middle I did an "ombre" technique. Notice I filled the circle with the witch almost to the half way middle point with each color and leave the chalk a little heavy/thick. Then I used my finger to swirl the two colors together. once I had the middle color I scraped off the excess and wiped it onto a paper towel. When you ombre, don't put the excess back into the jar as you can contaminate your colors! If the "ombre" technique" feels too intimidating, you can make the moon all one color! Easy peasy! Do what feels right.

  8. Wash your transfer with cool water and place it on a towel STICKY side UP and let dry. Once completely dry, place it on the SHINY side of the backer sheet and store until you're ready to use it again.

I hope you enjoyed this project. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

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Until the next project... happy crafting!



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