• Angela DiBetta

DIY Fall Chalkart Tutorial - Chalk Couture Vintage Truck

Hi, Angela here…

Today I’m making this super cute piece for fall featuring the vintage truck!

I’m chalking on the 9x12 Box Frame and using the colors Orange, Elephant Grey, Peacock, Black, Pumpkin Pie and Garden Herb of our Chalkology Chalk Pastes. Click here to shop for supplies

As you can see, I’m working in sections. I position the transfer where I want it and I rub my hand over the screened image making sure to remove any air bubbles.

Next, I spread the chalk paste on with my squeeze. After I’ve covered the entire image, I scrape off the excess chalk and return it to the jar.

Then, working quickly before the chalk drys, I remove the transfer from the box frame. Always pull from either the top or the side, never on the diagonal. Pulling on the diagonal can distort your transfer.

The chalk needs to be completely dry before layering colors. I’m using a heat tool to speed things up. You could let the chalk air dry or you can use a hair dryer, preferably on the cool setting. If you use a heat tool, be careful not to heat the transfer.

I wanted to feature the Vintage Truck today because it’s one of our most versatile transfers. Each season, we come out with a new set of transfers called the Vintage Truck “add on” set. The Add-on sets are a group of seasonal and holiday themed transfers that are designed to embellish the vintage truck. Today, I’m using the Fall Add-on set from the 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection. It has 20 different fall themed transfers but I’m only used 5 of them in this design.

That’s all there is to it! What do you think?


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