Hi, I'm Angela...

I'm a wife, a mom and an entrepreneur with a passion for creativity & business. 


I've always been drawn to creative projects such as stamping & scrapbooking. I also love glitter, bling and all things "sparkly".   


Back in 2003 my friend Julie & I started a business called Dazzling Designs & Apparel Inc.  "Dazzling", as we referred to it, was a rhinestone transfer manufacturing business.  It was a great business, but as the business grew, I didn't really get to do a lot of "creative stuff" anymore.  I was admin, HR, accounting, marketing and... Need I say more?

After 14+ years in business it was time for a change.  It was hard to let go of the business we worked so hard to build.  We loved our customers and our employees but the passion was gone.  We both knew it was time for "something new" so in May of 2018 we closed up shop.  Have you ever had to close a business?  I honestly think it was harder to close the business than it was to start it!  There's so much physical stuff to liquidate and sell and there are so many emotions that go along with closing a business. It was a tough process to go through but in the end, it was the right thing to do.

In 2017 I discovered Chalk Couture.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to sign up but we hadn't yet closed Dazzling and I knew the timing wasn't right.  I just didn't have the time I felt I needed to devote to it.  I knew it would fulfill my need for creativity, utilize my business skills, I'd still be my own boss and I'd have more flexibility with my schedule than I had with Dazzling.  What more could a girl ask for right?  But I needed to wait until we closed Dazzling so I could jump in 100%.   In April 2018, when we were just about done with Dazzling and the end was in sight, I signed up with Chalk Couture and became an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. 

It's been a year since I signed up with Chalk Couture and became an Independent Designer and I love it.  I love making beautiful things, I love that I work from home most of the time, I really enjoy working tradeshows, expos & bazaars and meeting new people and best of all, when I do Make & Take workshops everyone has FUN!  For me, it's all about the FUN!

That may be more than you really wanted to know, but that's how I came to be here.  Feel free to browse the website and please reach out with any questions you have about chalking or becoming a designer.  I'm happy to help.  

Have a great day & happy chalking,


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